I’m still here

Writing “proper” reviews isn’t on the agenda, but I just thought I’d check in:

1) Some more Zappa – at the time of writing the 1973 Tour Tapes are still available to download at “The Clock Went Backwards Again”. The Bologna and Rome shows are worth having for their “Dupree”s and their elongated, more-improvisatory-than-before “Oblivion”s. Pittsburgh has an incredible Ponty-dominated improvisation (and Sal Marquez is still there brightening the tone of the band). Wetzikon (Zurich) has another interesting improv where Frank at one point does his Derek Bailey noise-guitar routine. And there’s the Sydney June 26th show with the firework incident. None of these shows are in sparkling sound quality, but most people reading this are long past the point of worrying about that!
2) I finally got around to hearing Fiona Apple’s The Idler Wheel. Connoisseurs of seriously skilful lyric writing need to hear it if they haven’t already. The arrangements aren’t as dense as the suppressed “Brion mix” of Extraordinary Machine – but her singing is just as out-there.
3) Every once in a while you read, watch, or hear something that’s obviously trying to offend as many people as possible, but which only succeeds in…being hilarious – because it’s so spectacularly stupid! Have a good self-righteous laugh at this:
The page with the list of famous “Satanists” and the “retardations” inflicted upon them as “divine punishments” is funny. But there’s more – every time you think it can’t get any more stupid, it does. They claim to hate the perversions of BDSM and anality- but I bet you can’t guess how they suggest you “de-goth your child (i.e teenager)” ?! And “God hates women” – I bet you can’t guess why, and what they propose to do about those hateful women ?!