Morality lesson

This is turning from a music blog to a politics blog – that can’t be prevented.


This lesson is a response to

Six principles by which reality works.
These are facts. Not opinions. Facts which mentally competent people do not need to have explained to them.

(1) Censorship is a worse crime than mutilation, rape or murder. Because, firstly, to kill is not to attack a person’s right to a self – all is erased. Even if you physically disable a person and/or drive them out of their mind with PTSD, that does not represent “dehumanization”. Censorship does – because what makes one human different from another is their individual psyche, their self. Any attempt to impose any restrictions on how a person communicates is an attempt at dehumanization – which actually dehumanizes the censor. Which is why it should be (read: is) punishable by death. Anyone who supports the existence of laws against “hate speech” or “emotional abuse” or “obscenity”, or the laws which permit corporate censorship by upholding the myth of monetisable “intellectual property” (there’s no such thing) needs to be “executed”. As soon as they wield power over any person, they annul their status as humans: they may be viewed as plague carrying parasites.
(1.2) As of this date, Weinstein, Spacey, Allen, and indeed Martinez have not been found guilty on any sexual-violence charges. Even when/if they have been found guilty (this is where names like Polanski or even Gadd can be thrown in), it is IRRELEVANT to anything they have communicated as “art” aka “chatter” – because…(see [2])

(2) Separating the “art” from the “artist” is a basic function of a competent brain.
Any kind of “chatter” and / or “art”, however the “artist” or the “consumer” may interpret it, EXISTS APART from the artist.
If you do not believe the “art”/”chatter” of any of the people named above can be separated from any reprehensible actions they have committed in any other sphere of life, then you are a psychopath incapable of rational perception. ANd if you believe the “art”/”chatter” of such persons should be taken out of circulation/written out of history, then any other person on the planet is duty bound to kill you. That’s what happens when an insane delusional psycho attempts to exert power over even one other person: they annihilate themselves.

(3) No public figure IS EVER duty bound to be a role model – it is sinister and delusional to claim that they should be. It is also sinister and delusional to claim that young people need role models (because it implicitly denies them an individual self, and a free will). Young people who believe that any so-called “celebrity” should be a role model are dangerously under-developed for their age. Insane. Or to use a medical term “intellectually retarded”. And thus irrelevant, at best, to their competent peers.

(4) No-one is entitled to be paid for the privilege of viewing a YouTube channel.

(5) No-one is entitled to be paid for their verbal, visual or musical “creativity” – aka “chatter”. There is no such thing as a professional musician, or journalist, or actor, or filmmaker. “Art”/”chatter” is NOT WORK, because it is NOT PRODUCTIVE. If anything it is destructive because it is self-indulgence. Furthermore, there is no such thing as creativity because there is no such thing as original thought. If two people speak the same language, neither is capable of an original thought, because the sounds they make, the shapes they draw, their very way of viewing the world, has been shaped by someone else. Ergo: no “creativity”, no “intellectual property”. Mentally competent human beings understand this intuitively when they are preschoolers.
(5.1) Therefore, there is no such thing as a “publisher”. Neither YouTube, nor Google, nor any ink-and-paper “publisher” is entitled to refuse to distribute anything at any time. Because they are the equivalent of a ruled notebook, or a loudhailer, or the air itself. They are not responsible for “content” because they are services. They do not have an identity. They are not “private companies” – there is no such thing, laws which claim otherwise are null and void as they are founded on piss-lickingly obvious untruths.

(0.0 – subjunc. to 1 and 2) All sexual acts are assaultive. All sexual acts involve one person wielding power over the other. Sex is a bodily function, which has nothing to do with “love”. “Domination” and “assault” are how it works. People who were not dangerously under-developed mentally would have known that subconsciously long before puberty made them actively or passively involved in it. As a live human you have the choice to either grow up and deal with that reality, abandoning your impractical / biologically-confused notions of what constitutes “consent”, or run for your life to the nearest monastery or convent or similar vehicle for shutting oneself out of “the human race” and waiting to expire.

(6) The Big One. Reality (or, in religious language, “morality”), in a nutshell.
There is no such thing as private property. Because there is more than one person in the world. Each person is stealing from other persons just by being alive – that is why “ownership”, wasteful over-consumption, and the hoarding of matter, even in order to “provide a service”, are inherently destructive acts.


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