I’m the one who’s “stressed out”

About the not so hidden messages in this song, amidst all the blather about “the same nose” – the message that comes through especially clearly in the song’s chorus


Lyrics – or beliefs/sentiments – like this I find frightening.

Firstly, childhood nostalgia is dangerous. For why would anyne be nostalgic for unnatural, artificially-induced, utter vulnerability (which is what those who seek to tyrrranise call “innocence”)? For depersonalisation and disenfranchisement – being prevented from even acquiring the vocabulary you need to express yourself properly, and the knowledge (i.e mainly confirmation of what you will have intuited) that confers agency/humanity.
Every human spends their entire life trying to recover from the psychological terrorism – the confusion, inhibition, unnatural self-doubt – inflicted upon them by their parents* and especially by school. (Education is what you do to yourself, by nature, as part of the process of existing. Whereas schooling – regimented fomalised indoctrination – is psychological abuse).

Trying, and failing – some more conspicuously and catastrophically then others. Part of the reason most people fail is by, in their confusion. swallowing the lie that there is a natural drive to form romantic relationships, to reproduce and to form families. There isn’t – there is only the sex drive (which is like the urge to urinate).

Why, when you’re still reconstructing your true authentic self from the damage inflicted by your parents etc*, would you choose to have that authentic self battered and shaved away by a “partner” (or “husband” or “wife”) ?

Unless you were either:

(a) dangerous to other human beings simply by being so timid and so lacking in intutive self-knowledge as to be dangerous to other human beings, or

(b) so eager to acquire power/tyrrany over other human beings through the medium of the nuclear family* that you saw it as a price worth paying? The nuclear family is all about tyrrany, domination, psychological abuse of the young (who are more capable of achieving rational perception, sanity, clearsightedness, and thus a threat to their sires and others who practice and propagate governance)*.

In which case, the last sound you will ever hear will be one of the humans you are endangering, expressing their disgust in proper language – the kind that is expressive on an onomatopoeic level – e.g “what a vile putrid fwooffery nifniff you really are!”
[* I’m recalling those famous words about families spoken by Marlon Brando, and what his character was doing when he spoke them. Symbolism doesn’t come much simpler or more potent!]


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