Zappa – odd question on YouTube and Quora

And this is the best place to answer it:

A partial list of…Frank Zappa songs recorded in the studio but never played live, in response to a thread on the Zappa forum
This list is excluding improvisational and musical-collage tracks (e.g most of the Guitar albums and the Weasels Ripped My Flesh album: those tracks are mainly fashioned from live-on-stage stuff anyway), found sound collages and some orchestral stuff.
Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet^, Uncle Bernie’s Farm, Son Of Suzy Creamcheese, Why Don’cha Do Me Right, Are You Hung Up^, Absolutely Free (except for the end-of-song riffs), Flower Punk, Hot Poop^, Nasal Retentive Calliope Music^, The Chrome Plated Megaphone Of Destiny^, most of the musical modules in Lumpy Gravy, Zolar Czakl, Electric Aunt Jemima, God Bless America^, We Can Shoot You^, the various studio permutations of Uncle Meat, Pound… and Dog Breath, Project X, Cheap Thrills, Deseri, Anything, Fountain Of Love, Later That Night, No No No, Chucha (except for the end-of-song riff), Stuff Up The Cracks, Dwarf Nebula Processional March (the theme, that is), Little Umbrellas, The Gumbo Variations (similar riffs appear live but not “the” GVs), It Must Be A Camel, The Clap, Mystery Roach, the Tuna Sandwich suite^, the Stealing suite^, the Pleated Gazelle suite^, Your Mouth, It Just Might Be A One Shot Deal, Down In De Dew, Excentrifugal Forz, Evelyn A Modified Dog, possibly Man With The Woman Head,  200 Years Old (except for quotations), Friendly Little Finger, A Little Green Rosetta, Let Me Take You To The Beach, Spider Of Destiny, The Ocean Is The Ultimate Solution, Time Is Money, Central Scrutinizer, Canard Du Jour%, Theme From The 3rd Movement Of Sinister Footwear@, No Not Now, Valley Girl, I Come From Nowhere, Tink Walks Amok$, The Radio Is Broken (except quotations), Luigi And The Wise Guys (words performed but not music), Sex, We Are Not Alone, Ya Hozna (except quotations), Planet Of My Dreams, Wistful Wit A Fist Full, I Don’t Even Care (the hook, yes, but not the full song), Little Beige Sambo, One Man One Vote, Aerobics In Bondage, Porn Wars (samples were used live, but  “the” PW is ^), HR 2911, The Beltway Bandits, Damp Ankles, Buffalo Voice, Jazz From Hell, Massagio Galore, any of the material for Feeding The Monkies/Resolver & Brutality, everything in Civilization Three (except Amnerika – we don’t count the parts played over the PA in ’92), Worms From Hell / Samba / Medieval, all of Dance Me This

^ obviously unperformable
% listed as a composition because it has a theme, of sorts
@ listed because it’s different enough from the orchestral counterpart