Epilogue to earlier Bowie post

The “creep” of puritan / neo-fascist politics into every aspect of our lives continues unopposed


Note the Sylvia Plath/Wainwright family sections. So having tired of his not-so-subtle argument that “it’s inherently abusive for a man to write about a woman”, he moves on to argue that “it’s abusive for a real person to write about another real person”, even pseudonymized!
This article is somehow more offensive for being written by a “man”. Or rather a male-identified member of that subhuman / inadequate alien species that seeks to – and does – dominate, tyrranise and terrorize the sane, the competent. The same alien inmitigatedly destructive species that gave us the likes of Julie Bindel, Laura Bates, Bjork, Rose MacGowan, Grimes…I can’t be bothered to try and remember any more.